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I am Paul Abravaya, a naturalist and  nature photographer. My favorite subjects are colorful birds, butterflies, frogs and other creatures. I seek subjects wherever I can find them. But I have a special interest in tropical nature because of its diversity and beauty.

My interest in the tropics began when I traveled to El Salvador and became fascinated with the wildlife there. A few years later I was part on an expedition to Panama to help with a research project, we camped the whole way which furthered my exposure to the tropics.

As a member of the Peace Corps, I worked in Brazil as a zoologist for five years at the Museu Mello Leitao for Augusto Ruschi the world’s leading authority on hummingbirds and bromeliads. I discovered a new species of hummingbird, Phaethornis margarattae, a new genus of mammal, Abrawayanomys and did ecological research on small mammals; I discovered the first living specimens of the enigmatic frog Macrogenioglottus alipioiI.

I worked as a biology teacher for thirty years; I was the owner of Tropical Eco-Tours, a tour company whose goal was to educate teachers and others in tropical ecology; I have a Masters degree in zoology. I now use my photographs to educate and help make people aware of the beauty of the natural world.I  spend time every year visiting Costa Rica and other countries looking for interesting subjects. My interest in nature photography is a direct extension of my love and work in the outdoors. I am a hunter with a camera, stalking and waiting for the right moment to get a good capture. 

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